Kids have many talents and when they explore them, painting is something they excel in. Even though painting may not be every child's cup of tea but every child finds its own way to enjoy it thoroughly. It has many benefits where both parents and children can learn together.

I and my 4 yrs old son Ayan loves handprint painting because it's messy and colorful. Many benefits of painting and coloring for your child are that your child can communicate his/her feelings and emotions through their drawings/coloring/ painting. It helps in hand and eye coordination. It helps your child to make sole decisions to choose colors for different parts of the drawings. Most importantly it acts as a therapy for children who feels different emotions whether these feelings are subtle or extreme.

There are so many benefits. To experience then all I would recommend all parents to start as early as possible with this painting therapy with your child. It also gives a very relaxed feeling to adults who loves colors around. Sit along with your child, color with them; give full freedom to express and you'll see your child drawing his/her mind on the paper (provided you don't allow them to color and paint your house walls and floor).


@fabercastell_india @fabercastellglobal Faber Castell is one brand I have always looked upon to and have been using since my childhood days till my graduation in Interior Design and now the legacy passes to another generation; to my child. Surprisingly my 4 yr old sees this bright patent red color and recognize that it's Faber Castell.