Jaggery and Peanuts:

healthy food
Good Food

This is such a delicious combination trust me! The best HEALTHY snack to munch on any time of the day. Full of nutrients and very healthy. Pregnant ladies should have this all nine months to get their daily dose of folic acid and calcium apart from their daily dose of medicine. This can overcome the problems of anemia, bone problems and also dental problems. It increases the body's immune system and good heart health.

Peanuts are so popular in India and are mainly used as seed oil for cooking. Peanuts contain a lot of nutrients such as folic acid, protein, and sugar.  Because peanuts are obtained from the ground they are also called as groundnuts. Peanuts have all the nutrients of almond, pistachio, cashew nuts and hence it is included in the family of nuts. Peanuts are easily available in India anywhere and all-round the year. People in India have peanut in for of chutney, butter, in dishes as an ingredient, and popularly as a snack!

Benefits of peanuts:
  •          Peanuts reduce the risk of stomach cancer.
  •          It is rich in energy
  •          It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  •          They are rich in protein and amino acids which is good for the growth of the overall development of the body.
  •          It fights against heart diseases, Alzheimer and infection.
  •          Prevents against stroke.
  •          Low risk of weight gain and colon cancer.
  •          Helps infertility
  •          Fights depression
  •          Helps in weight management

Benefits of jaggery:
Jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice to a certain temperature. Putting the mixture in the molds to set. And when it cools down it is then packed to distribute to shops and retailers. The best time to consume jaggery is in winters as winters are the season of sugarcane and you get very fresh jaggery to consume which helps in boosting the immunity and fight against cold and cough. Jaggery should be consumed every day at least 10-20 grams. It eases up the blood circulations, removes toxin and gives shine to the face. You get a lot of options available in the market of this combination, one such is chikki. But I would suggest trying this one and not chikki. If possible have organic peanuts, roast them up, peel. Partner it with pure organic soft jaggery (brown color, NOT the white one)

  •          Prevents anemia
  •          Prevents cold-like flu
  •          Helps to ease out menstrual pain
  •          Acts as a blood purifier
  •          Acts as an immunity booster
  •          Prevents constipation
  •          Detoxify the liver
  •          Good for stomach
  •          It controls blood pressure
  •          Helps in losing weight
  •          Good source of energy

Now you know the HEALTH benefits of these two superfoods, don’t shy away from munching on this amazing combination whenever and wherever you feel like!

Please let me know in the comments section if you have tried it already, or interested in doing so and how much you did like it.