Hello everyone!
Today I am reviewing about Matrix Opti. Care Hair Serum.

matrix hair serum

What the product is about?
Matrix Opti. Care Smooth straight hair serum is a professional haircare range that is formulated for chemically treated hair to help control dryness, dullness, frizzy hair and split ends. 
This does not mean people who have not done hair treatment cannot use this as a serum. Of course, you can use it if you have dry and dull-looking hair. With regular use, it repairs frayed tips and protects from split ends.

consistancy of matrix hair serum

It is a transparent thick liquid, little runny (not much). As compared to other hair serums in the market this one is little oily and non-sticky.

packaging of matrix hair serum

The best part is that it comes in a pump bottle which makes it very travel-friendly and one can take just the right amount of it.

My Experience: 
One thing I have noticed that this does not work well on dry hair (unwashed) it will make it oilier. Use it after the shower when the hair is still wet. This will make the hair less greasy and shinier. It also works well as a heat resistant so you can style your hair with a straightening machine or a hairdryer without the fear of damaging your hair. Using it from the roots of your hair will make your hair greasy at the end of the day. Just a pea-size amount is enough to work through the length of the hair till the tips. 
I just love the shine it gives to my hair once I style them after blow-dry, they become straight and very soft.

Price: INR.410/-

Quantity: 100ml

  •          Little quantity is enough for long lengths.
  •          Acts as heat resistant.
  •          Makes hair shinier and smoother when hair is wet.
  •          Affordable

  •          Doesn’t work on dry hair
  •          Thick consistency

Final Verdict:
After using for almost 5months I feel is quite affordable because this 100ml bottle is not even half empty as you can see in the pictures.

Will I repurchase it?
I would definitely buy it again once this gets over.

Matrix Opti. Care Smooth straight hair serum

Have you tried it yet? Please let me know in the comments section below.