woman with a bag
Hospital Bag

As I am nearing my due date there is a panic attack every now and then about all the preparations at home and about what to pack for hospital bag for delivery. Planning things out for my older child in my absence, things and preparations for the little new addition in our small little family. But most importantly woman usually forgets what they would really need when they are totally helpless in labor and after delivery in the hospital. And I am no different. 
Your baby can arrive at any time before your due date. This is one thing you don’t want to keep for the last minute. When your baby is finally on its way all you would want to do is calmly grab your hospital bag and leave for the hospital without worrying about that you forgot something essential. so, before the symptoms of real labor arise, pack your bags way in advance. 
It is my 36th week of pregnancy and I will share what I have packed for myself, the little one and my husband for our hospital needs.

  •          Health Insurance Card.
  •          Hospital file and forms (all your previous blood reports, sonography reports, prescriptions, etc.)
  •          Photo ID card
  •          Your Birth Plan ( though the practice of birth plans are not so popular in India, there is no harm in making one and requesting your doctor to have a look at it well in advance before your delivery; maybe around 25-30 weeks of pregnancy. This is my personal recommendation.)
  •          Lip Balm: Very important as your lips get very dry and cracked while you are in labor. Hard candies and lollipops are something that will keep your mouth moist and distract you from the uncomfortable pain.
  •          Eye Glasses: Only if you wear them! I am complete blind mice who cannot do without glasses. After all, you would not want to deal with the hassles of contact lenses. If not in labor but you would really need them after delivery.
  •          Electronics: Earpods, tablets, phones, etc. and all your chargers. Just in case if you want to distract yourself from labor pain.
  •          Cozy clothes like a robe or front buttoned maxi gowns, a stole to cover your ears.
  •          Socks with anti-slip grips at the bottom.
  •          Slippers
  •          A sanitizer bottle
  •          Extra underwear, sanitary napkins, a nursing bra and of course, a feeding pillow, because some hospitals don’t provide.
  •          Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, face wash, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, body wash (fragrance-free, if you have a C-section), a deodorant, facial wipes, moisturizer, and body lotion.
  •          Your own pillow and comforter if you are not comfortable using the one which is provided by the hospital.
  •          Snacks: you will surely get hungry at night after feeding your newborn.
  •          You are going home outfit. After all, you wouldn’t want to move out of the hospital in a hospital gown. Choose a long flowy maxi gown, preferably a one-piece dress for comfort.
FOR BABY: Even though every hospital provides every damn thing for the newborn, I have left no stone unturned and have packed the following stuff:
  •          A pack of zero size diapers
  •          A bunch of Muslin Swaddlers. Particularly plain white ones.
  •          A set of baby napkins.
  •          2-3 sets of newborn outfits. Loose, light in color, thin material.
  •          Baby wet wipes
  •          Baby powder with a powder puff.
  •          Caps and hats matching to the outfit.
  •          Baby mattress with mosquito net.
  •          Baby blanket (depending on the climate)
  •          Debit cards, Credit cards, Cash money and some loose change for parking and miscellaneous.
  •          Toiletries and extra change for overnight stay.
  •          Some more snacks and fruits because of your hospital usually will not feed your partner.
  •          Something to read or watch to pass time.
  •          Jewelry and other valuables
  •          Your current medicines and vitamins. Talk to your doctor first if you would really need them after delivery in the recovery room.
  •          Breast Pump: Please focus on natural feeding. Even if you need one, the hospital should provide.
  •          Pacifier: This is the worst thing I have used for my child to pacify him which he never used and never got pacified with it. Generally, there is no use of a pacifier. Pacifying a child naturally by feeding them is the best way.
  •          Select a spacious bag (check this one).
  •          Prepare your bags between 25-30 weeks. 
  •          Keep your bags in the car in advance. What if you go into labor when you are outside your home or store them near the main door to your house.

So, did you start packing your bags yet? let me know in the comments below:)