Hello everyone!
Today I am reviewing about Neutrogena facial cleansing bar (Original variant)


What the product is about?
This is a gel-based cleansing bar which is meant only for face, good for acne-prone skin.

Brand says:
Neutrogena original formula fragrance-free facial cleansing bar is made with glycerin and other high-quality ingredients which leaves the skin clean without clogging pores. It is pure and gentle, the hypoallergenic formula doesn't contain any harsh ingredients. It is fragrance-free and it is recommended to fragrance sensitive skin.

Variants of the product:
It is available in many variants like Original, Oily skin, Dry skin, Dry skin Fragrance-free, and Acne-prone skin formula.

The packaging of the product is quite simple. It comes within a white square paper box with all the information of the product on it, like ingredients, directions to use, etc. Inside the box, the soap is neatly sealed in a plastic wrapper which has the brand name on it. The soap does not have any embedded brand name on it.   


This soap is very soft as compared to other facial soap as it is gel-based. It is very transparent and golden orange in color.

This soap comes in a standard size and quantity of 100 grams.

My Experience with the product:
I have always been a victim of Acne and my struggle to find a suitable cleanser has been forever. Being a sufferer of PCOD has left my skin with a lot of Acne marks and clogged pores. I have been using this gentle cleansing facial bar for quite some time now and the results are visible (in a good way). Since it is made up of glycerin it melts up quite fast; so keep it away from the shower area. All you have to do is lather it up and apply the lather on your wet skin; never apply the soap directly.
It is a deep pore cleanser and hence leaves the skin little a bit dry (for me it did because I have a combination skin type), so follow it up with a good alcohol-free toner and a good moisturizer according to your skin type. I would highly recommend doing a patch test first before you start using the product directly on your face.

Price: INR500/- (approx.)

·         Good for acne-prone skin
·         Gel-based
·         Mild fragrance

·         Dries up skin
·         Melts in water super-fast
·         Pricy

Final Verdict:
Even though this is a pricy cleanser and dries up the skin it does its job. I have acne-prone skin and by using this my skin has improved a lot. This soap will dry up your skin to dry up acne and pimples, so you will need a good toner and a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Will I repurchase?
Yes, I would definitely repurchase.

Have you tried it yet? Please let me know in the comment section below.