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Today I am reviewing about SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam (for acne-prone skin).

acne wash

What the product is about?
This is a foam-based cleansing face wash for acne-prone skin which combats pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. It gently deep cleanses the pores, counteracts formations of new pimples. It has panthenol which soothes and regenerates the skin. It also improves complexion.

Brand says:
Sebamed Clear Face range is a 3 step program to combat pimples and blackheads. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This range with correct and regular use promotes healthy skin. Sebamed Clear Face is your partner to combat pimples, blackheads with gentle care.  

packaging of sebamed clear face cleansing foam

It is packed in a very neat white carton box which has all the details about the product, ingredients, price manufacturing date on it. Then the bottle is a hard sturdy plastic cylindrical bottle with a pump system accompanies with a clear plastic lid to cover the pump.

consistancy of sebamed clear face cleansing foam

The consistency of the product is watery. It is plain liquid inside the bottle. After shaking the bottle and pumping once, you get thick foam which starts dissolving into liquid again.

Quantity: 150ml

My experience with the product:
I have a combination skin type. As the brand says that is should be used with the rage’s toner and moisturizer, I have used only the foam to try out before I review the product. The foam is supposed to be left on the skin for a minute depending on your skin condition. I didn’t leave it on, but just massaged a bit and rinsed off. This foam cleanser did not dry out my skin, but, I will if I leave it on for a minute or so. After using only this foam cleanser alone I have noticed a reduction in my blackheads and my skin has become less oily. The fragrance is very mild like how baby products smell. It is very pleasing and not irritating to the nose. I think using it with the recommended products this range from Sebamed will work quite well for acne-prone sensitive skin.

Price: INR.630/-

  •          Dermatologically tested.
  •          Pleasant fragrance.
  •          Clears acne, pimples, blackheads.
  •          Mild to skin.
  •          Nondrying (if rinsed immediately).
  •          Good packaging.

  •          Dries up the skin (if left on and not used with                             recommended products).
  •          Expensive for the quantity.
  •          It cannot use alone as a face wash.

Final verdict:
If you have to buy a good skincare range and follow a proper skincare routine the I would recommend buying the entire range as using only the face wash will not help and with improper use of this cleanser would make your skin condition even worse. So, before buying this diagnose your skin condition first, like what type of skin you are having. This will work well for acne-prone skin along with Sebamed Clear Face Facial toner and Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel. Products meant for acne should not be used for a long time as your skin gets prone to them and does not act natural. Once your acne has vanished, stop the product and use mild ones.

Will I repurchase this?
Now since I have already purchased it and used it, I have an idea it will do good to my skin if I use it along with the recommended products as a range. I will buy the other products along with which this cleanser should be used. But I will not buy this again because this cannot be used alone and you have to buy the entire range.

Ratings:  3/5

Have you tried it yet? Please let me know in the comments section below.