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So, you survived your war against puberty and came out unscarred. Some people face can say a lot about their fight against acne. But if you think the worst of your skin problems are behind you, think again! Pigmentations, wrinkles, sagging skin and more, your skin suffers a lot as you grow older. ‘Protect-Correct-Enhance’ is the funda for a complete skincare routine. In the ’20s protect your skin from damages caused by the sun, in ’30s and 40’s correct any damage caused due to early neglect and in ’50s enhance your skin.

15-25 YEARS:
Skincare should begin in the teen years. Wash your face at least thrice a day to keep it clean and use a light oil-free moisturizer at night. Determine your skin and use appropriate products. Those who have oily skin should use a face scrub two or three times a week and a mud or clay pack once a week. Those with dry skin should use a scrub once or twice a week and a hydrating pack once a week. Avoid alkaline based products as they are harsh on the skin.
Regular cleanups from a dermatologist or a home care routine should be followed. First, clean your face and take light steam and follow it with cold water. Then, use a scrub, splash cold water and finally apply the face pack.

25-40 YEARS:
During these years, the skin undergoes several changes due to pregnancy, hormones, etc. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30-50, and even higher SPF for those who indulge in outdoor activities. You can also use anti-aging products in your skincare routine such as lightening creams, besides scrubs and packs. It’s advisable to use only hydrating packs and milder products, as you grow older. The skin loses its glow and gets duller due to the weakening of cells and dehydration. To increase your glow, use products rich in vitamin C and anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products such as AHA, etc. Avoid alcohol-based products as they dull the skin.
The ’30s also brings pigmentation freckles and the appearance of red spots. Many women in this age group suffer from adult acne due to stress, lifestyle conditions, and food allergies. These must be addressed immediately by seeing a dermatologist and getting a skincare routine prescribed. 

45+ YEARS:
As you grow older you need heavier moisturizer than before and higher strength anti-aging products. Additionally, you require lifting creams that contain substances to lift, firm and tone the skin. Several new products are available today, such as Biophenones, Phloslavones, and products containing plant extracts and green tea extracts. Some women suffer from acne on there might be an increase in facial hair due to changing hormone. However, these require different treatment and a dermatologist should be consulted. Another common occurrence is pigmentation. Sunscreens, anti-pigmentation and lightening creams can help prevent them.

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