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Honey has been used by our ancestors and is still used by many of us even in this generation. Honey has many medicinal properties and is widely celebrated in Ayurvedic treatments, particularly to heal wounds fast. Honey is used all around the world by many cultures. So, what makes honey so popular all around the world? Its taste, health benefits and the ease that honey can be consumed directly. There are many ways of having honey. Have it directly or have it with warm lemon water to shed some ounce, put it on the bread like a jam, and mix it with tea or any beverage instead of sugar. Consumption of honey in any way is only going to benefit your health. There are so many home remedies I try which my parents and grandparents made me do in my childhood. Out of all the remedies the honey remedy has always been my favorite because of its sweet taste. When my child has a cough, instead of jumping on to cough syrup I grate ginger and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and I make him have that. And, he loves it.  
Honey has been widely used by Ancient Egyptians as a natural sweetener and they also used honey for healing properties and for embalming. Christians use honey and beeswax for candle making and they smell divine!

There are many benefits of honey, but here are some of them:

1.      Healthy Sweetener for Diabetics:
Honey is a a good substitute for sugar. If you are planning to lose some weight and would want to cut off refined sugar from your diet, you can replace sugar with honey. It is said that honey improves the heart disease risk factors in diabetic patients and does not raise the blood sugar levels like a refined sugar can. The sad thing is that it is not sure if diabetic patients can substitute refined sugar with honey to fulfill their sweet cravings because of its carb content. Diabetic patients should consult their doctors before they replace sugar with honey completely in their diet. Having honey in moderation by diabetics is no harm.

2.      Healthy for Your Heart:
Honey is rich in Antioxidant which protects from heart diseases. It also improves cholesterol levels. If you are willing to reduce your (LDL) bad cholesterol and increase your (HDL) Good cholesterol then it’s time to switch from refined sugar to honey.

3.      Helps n Weight Loss:
Lemon water with honey is a traditional beverage people have been having for many years for weight loss. Surprisingly, this beverage has more calories. But, honey helps in digesting most of the fats stored in the body if you continue drinking it for a long time. You can also add cinnamon along with honey and lemon juice in warm water.

4.      Helps to have Better Sleep:
Honey can actually, help you have a good sleep if you are suffering from cough. Just mix freshly squeezed ginger juice with honey and you will have a peaceful sleep at night. This can be had by adults and by kids too. There is no age limit.

5.      Helps in Boosting Energy:
Honey is consumed by many for boosting their energy levels because it has about 65 calories per tablespoon, which is more than sugar. But, the carbohydrates in it can easily be digested.

6.      Good for memory and performance:
Since honey is consumed to boost energy levels, it is best for improving performance in athletes. It works well to maintain blood sugar levels after a workout. Honey also regulates the amount of insulin in the body. Honey also improves memory power in postmenopausal women.

7.      Rich in Vitamins and Minerals:
The vitamins and minerals in honey differ from brand to brand. It depends on which flowers the company is using for apiculture. In common factors, honey contains Calcium, Vitamin C, and Iron.

8.      It has Antiseptic Properties:
Honey is widely used as a traditional medicine because it has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and antifungal properties.

9.      It has Anti-Oxidant Properties:
One of the an important benefit of honey is that it has anti-oxidant properties. It has nutraceuticals which help remove free radical from the body. It also has flavonoids and phenols which can reduce stress and inflammation in our body simultaneously protecting us against any heart diseases, strokes and diseases like Cancer. Still, honey is considered as an “Added Sugar”.

10.  It has Anti-Cancer Properties:
It is famously said that honey has anti-cancer properties by many studies done on honey because it has antioxidants, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. Most scientists say that there is a need for more evidence to the claim that honey can safely be used for cancer treatments.

11.  Helps in Healing Wound:
Honey (manuka honey) helps in faster recovery of wounds because it has antimicrobial properties. It helps in the initial process of dormant wounds. It also helps in healing the moist wounds. Since honey has Antiseptic and Anti-bacterial properties it accelerates wound healing. It provides a moist environment to the wound and gives a nice flow of nutrients to the affected site. Honey is also very effective in killing pathogens which can cause skin infections.

12.  Good for Skin and Hair:
In many countries honey is consumed with milk in the morning to have beautiful skin. Honey is famously used in many face packs as an important ingredient to treat acne, oily skin and to moisturize the skin. Honey is also used in many hair masks to condition the hair and also to treat dandruff. Surprisingly, honey also prevents hair loss.

13.  Good to treat Cough:
Because honey has anti-inflammatory properties it helps in reducing the cough frequency in children and provides better sleep at night. This is the reason why many cough drops and cough syrups have honey as a main ingredient in them. Honey should be having three to four times a day to curb your cough. For faster effect add ginger juice to it.

14.  Honey eases Digestive Problems:
Honey helps in calming down the acid reflux because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is also used to treat diarrhea. But, in some cases, honey can also make the symptoms worse for people who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. One teaspoon of honey mixed with warm water can ease out heartburn and acid reflux. For adults who suffer from diarrhea can have 3-4 spoons of honey mixed with hot water. And most importantly, Honey should not be given to children below 1 year of age.

So now that you know the benefits of honey, how do you eat it? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Nice to know it has so many benefits. We use it specifically for relieving cough. Looks like I've to start having honey especially for hair, weight and memory.

  2. I have never known such benefits of honey, this is new to me and I'm really impressed by this

  3. I use a lot of honey in my cooking.. I add it in the salad dressings, oats, pancakes, dates ladoo.. Everyone in my house likes the flavour of honey

  4. Honey is beneficial for our health. We use it in multiple ways to add to the goodness of our health.

  5. Pure Honey is very good for health and skin I I include honey in in all my dessert instead of sugar and include honey in winters because of its healing and antibiotic properties

  6. I use a lot of honey for sweetness in Avisha's oats and also for weight loss plus for cough. I use it as a scrub along with sugar. Works really well. A well curated list this is.


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