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Natural remedies are best for any kind of health problem. A common problem with which the majority of the world is dealing with is hair fall. Due to increasing technologies, there is a boost in industries which have led to pollution in the world and stress in people. This is the main cause of hair fall. Not only these, but many such factors also lead to hair fall like sedentary lifestyle, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, etc. A regulated diet and hair care regime can control the hair fall if done dedicatedly. But, there is always good news that there are some natural foods and ingredients that are easily available in households to help you increase the hair volume naturally. Here’s my list of superfoods and home remedies to have that super lustrous and thick hair.
1.       Eggs:
Eggs are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B12, zinc, Omega 6 fatty acids, proteins, etc, hence they are considered to be good for hair growth. Take a bowl to add one egg and one tbsp. coconut/olive oil to it. Mix the mixture till you get a fine gel-like consistency. Apply this to your hair from roots to tips and leave it about 30-35 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo and tap water.
2.       Amla:
Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. Just like eggs, amla is also loaded with health benefiting properties. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and also has minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, etc. in a bowl take amla powder and lime juice and mix them. Apply this to your hair starting from roots to tips. Wash this mask off when it dries up completely. Don’t forget to use a conditioner after shampoo. Use cool water to wash your hair.
3.       Homemade oil with Curry leaves:
This is one of the best homemade oil ones that can use for hair fall. I personally use this remedy. Take 200ml of coconut oil (parachute oil) and add 5-6 bunches of curry leaves to it. Let this cook on a low flame. Make sure you cook this low flame as we do not want to burn the leaves. Switch off the flame when the oil changes the color. Store it in a glass bottle when it comes down to room temperature.
4.       Onion:
Onion juice has conditioning properties and regular use of this remedy can help control hair fall. Cut and peel one onion and make a paste. Apply this pack from roots to tips. Cover your hair with a towel or shower cap. Wash away with a herbal shampoo after 20-30 minutes.
5.       Aloe vera:
Aloe vera has many benefits as it has enzymes that repair dead skin cells. Aloe vera also has conditioning properties that leave your hair very smooth and shiny. Aloe vera is also applied on the skin to heal itching and irritation so it can also be applied on the scalp to get rid of dandruff and itching. Aloe vera is not only used topically but also consumed internally. Consuming aloe vera juice helps in smooth and radiant skin and also promotes hair growth. You can make your own aloe vera gel at home. Peel off the leaf and grind the clear gel into a paste. Apply that gel on the roots of your hair and massage. Leave this mask for 5-10 minutes and wash off with warm water.
6.       Curd and fenugreek seeds (methi dana):
Fenugreek seeds are commonly used in dishes to add up heat and flavor. Fenugreek seeds help in promoting hair growth and nourishment to the scalp, so it should be applied on the scalp too. Soak fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Drain the water and grind the seeds in a fine paste. Mix curd into it and apply this mask on your scalp. Leave this hair mask for 15-20 minutes and wash with a chemical-free shampoo.
7.       Rosemary oil:
In recent studies, it was proved rosemary oil promotes hair growth. just mix few drops of rosemary oil into your hair oil or shampoo or conditioner or any hair mask for that matter, it will only benefit in promoting hair growth and reduces itching on the scalp.

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